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Ryan Reynolds Recruits Grant Gustin For New Ad

Written by Rory on November 01 2023

An unexpected MCU and Arrowverse crossover has happened, as Deadpool’s Ryan Reynolds and The Flash’s Grant Gustin join forces in a hilarious ad. (Source)

Ryan Reynolds and Grant Gustin appear together in a new ad that features many references to The Flash. Gustin played Barry Allen for nine seasons of the series set in the DC Universe on TV, the Arrowverse. The Flash season 9’s ending marked the final lap for Gustin’s version of the hero earlier this year. While Reynolds has played a DC hero as well, the infamous Green Lantern is far from his most popular superhero role, with the upcoming Deadpool 3 bringing his Wade Wilson into the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

On Twitter, the advertising company MNTN shared a new video that unites Deadpool’s Reynolds with The Flash’s Gustin in a hilarious way.

The ad sees Gustin play the fictional Seymour Roas, with many references to The Flash. With the end of the Arrowverse and Gustin’s Barry not being one of the canon characters of the new DC Universe, the actor’s time as The Flash seems to be over for good. Reynolds notes that, saying to Gustin in the ad, “You’ll always be my Barry,” to which Gustin responds, “You’ll always be my Hal,” cracking a joke at Reynolds’ Green Lantern, Hal Jordan.

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