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The Flash: Season 7 Trailer

Written by Rory on August 23 2020

The Flash unveiled a trailer for season 7 at DC FanDome on Saturday — and you can watch it below.

“Even though it’s only footage really from one episode [620], pay attention to the way it’s presented. It’s actually huge spoilers all over the place,” said showrunner Eric Wallace about the season 7 teaser during the DC FanDome panel

Watch Grant Gustin ask Candice Patton if WestAllen Should Renew Their Vows in Season 7!

Written by Rory on May 12 2020

ET’s Leanne Aguilera spoke with ‘The Flash’ stars Grant Gustin and Candice Patton in separate video interviews, but actors’ answers about Barry and Iris’ relationship were exactly the same!

The Flash: Grant Gustin Explains How COVID-19 Shortened Season 6 & What’s Next for WestAllen!

Written by Rory on May 05 2020

The CW’s fastest man alive, Grant Gustin, is dishing to ET about the season 6 finale and how much longer he’s willing to suit up!

(VIDEO) Grant Gustin at DC Daily!

Written by Rory on April 30 2020

Grant Gustin today to help host this episode of DC Daily From Home! They kick things off with a tour of the living room, then we dive into The Flash.

(VIDEO) Inside of You Podcast w/ Michael Rosenbaum

Written by Rory on April 28 2020

Grant Gustin joins this week episode of Inside of You Podcast to share the mental and physical ups and downs throughout his blossoming career, notably within the CW/DC Universe as Barry Allen in The Flash.

Grant gets deep this week and talks about the anxiety and depressions he’s battled through his career in theater and film, after having developed these early on in his childhood. We also get into his passion for Broadway, aspirations and regrets he’s had so far, and some BTS moments while shooting crossovers.

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