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The Broadway Show: Grant Gustin, Isabelle McCalla & Paul Alexander Nolan of WATER FOR ELEPHANTS

Written by Rory on February 22 2024

Step right up, and hear from WATER FOR ELEPHANTS leads Grant Gustin, Isabelle McCalla and Paul Alexander Nolan at a glamorous photo shoot.

(Video) The Broadway Show: Grant Gustin, Isabelle McCalla and More Ready for WATER FOR ELEPHANTS

Written by Rory on February 15 2024

See the stars of the new musical WATER FOR ELEPANTS gear up for their Broadway bows.

Podcast: And That’s What You REALLY Missed

Written by Rory on December 15 2023

Before he was a lightning-fast superhero on The Flash, he was stirring up trouble as Sebastian Smythe on Glee! Believe it or not, Grant Gustin was only in seven episodes of Glee, but he sure left his mark! The actor joins Jenna and Kevin to discuss his time on the show (his first appearance on TV ever!), the scoop on working with Naya on the infamous Smooth Criminal number, and if you thought Sebastian had sexual tension with every character . . . you’re not wrong! Plus, Grant is going from the small screen to the stage! He talks about saying goodbye to The Flash after ten years and now making his Broadway debut in “Water for Elephants,” all while juggling marriage and fatherhood!

(Video) Grant Gustin Reads Thirst Tweets

Written by Rory on August 18 2023

Grant Gustin, our favorite Glee star turned Barry Allen, has long been boyfriend material to the internet. In honor of his new movie, Puppy Love on Amazon Freevee, Grant paid BuzzFeed a visit to read unhinged thirst tweets about him. #puppylovefreevee #grantgustin

Grant Gustin & Lucy Hale to Headline ‘Puppy Love’ Movie Picked Up By Amazon Freevee

Written by Rory on June 23 2023

Amazon Freevee has acquired the Lionsgate movie Puppy Love, starring Grant Gustin and Lucy Hale.

DEALINEE: Amazon Freevee has acquired the Lionsgate movie Puppy Love, starring Pretty Little Liars alumna Lucy Hale and Grant Gustin, who is coming off a nine-season run as the star of the CW’s The Flash.

The Freevee Original film will premiere on the free, ad-supported streaming platform later this summer. It will also be available to rent or own digitally on its debut date.

Inspired by BuzzFeed’s viral 2015 digital series Puppyhood, Puppy Love was produced by BuzzFeed Studios through the company’s deal with Lionsgate. It was filmed in Canada last summer, with Hale and Gustin both posting on social media Aug. 29 that they had wrapped a movie together with no further detail.

In Puppy Love, after a disastrous first date, wild-child Nicole (Hale) and socially-anxious Max (Gustin) vow to lose each other’s numbers until they learn that their dogs find a love match, and now puppies are on the way! The hilariously mismatched Nicole and Max are forced to become responsible co-parents, but may end up finding love themselves. (You can see first-look photos above and below.)

The film’s supporting cast includes Jane Seymour, Michael Hitchcock, and Nore Davis. Puppy Love is produced by Michael Philip and Jason Moring, and executive produced by Richard Alan Reid, Jonah Peretti, Brian Etting, and Josh Etting. The film is directed by Reid and Nicholas Fabiano and written by Greg Glienna, Peter Stass, Kirsten Guenther, Dan Scheinkman, and Reid.

The first projects to come out of Lionsgate and BuzzFeed Studios’ partnership, the made-for-streaming movies 1UP and My Fake Boyfriend, were acquired by Prime Video last year.

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