April 14, 2015
The Flash Comments Off on New ‘The Flash’ Promotional Poster

Check out the new promotional poster released for The Flash in HQ.

April 12, 2015
Stills The Flash Comments Off on ‘The Flash’ 1.19 ‘Who Is Harrison Wells?’ Stills

Here are 7 HQ stills from the 19th episode of The Flash.

Joe(Jesse L. Martin) and Cisco (Carlos Valdes) head to Starling City to continue their investigation of Dr. Wells (Tom Cavanagh). While in town, the duo enlists the help of Captain Lance (Paul Blackthorne), and Cisco meets the Black Canary (Katie Cassidy), who asks him for afavor. Meanwhile, back in Central City, Barry (Grant Gustin) races to catch a meta-human named Hannibal Bates (guest star Martin Novotny) who can transform himself into every person he touches – which includes Eddie (Rick Cosnett), Iris (Candice Patton), Caitlin (Danielle Panabaker)and even The Flash.

April 03, 2015
Stills The Flash Comments Off on ‘The Flash’ 1.18 ‘All Star Team Up’ Stills

ARROW’S FELICITY SMOAK (EMILY BETT RICKARDS) AND RAY PALMER (BRANDON ROUTH) ARRIVE IN CENTRAL CITY; EMILY KINNEY (“The Walking Dead”) GUETS STARS AS BRIE LARVIN — Barry (Grant Gustin) is surprised when Felicity Smoak (guest star Emily Bett Rickards) arrives from Starling City along with her boyfriend, Ray Palmer (guest star Brandon Routh), who flies in as the Atom. They’ve come to visit S.T.A.R. Labs as Ray needs help with his suit. Their timing turns out to be fortuitous because it’s all hands on deck after a meta human named Brie Larvin (guest star Emily Kinney) unleashes hundreds of robotic bees to attack and kill her former co-workers, including Dr. Tina McGee (guest star Amanda Pays). A group dinner with Barry, Felicity, Ray, Iris (Candice Patton) and Eddie (Rick Cosnett) turns into a disaster. Kevin Tancharoen directed the episode written by Grainne Godfree & Kai Yu Wu (#118). Original airdate 4/14/2015.

April 02, 2015
Screencaps The Flash Comments Off on ‘The Flash’ 1.17 ‘Tricksters’ Screencaps

What a huge episode, right? Sadly, we’ll have to wait two weeks for the next episode. Anyway, 535 screencaps have just been added to the gallery!

March 27, 2015
Stills The Flash Comments Off on ‘The Flash’ 1.17 ‘Tricksters’ Stills

Here are 14 HQ stills and the promo for the upcoming episode of The Flash, entitled Tricksters.

March 27, 2015
Screencaps The Flash Comments Off on ‘The Flash’ 1.16 ‘Rogue Time’ Screencaps

I’ve added 692 screencaps of Grant in the recent episode of The Flash to the gallery. Check them out by clicking any of the thumbnails below.

March 19, 2015
Screencaps The Flash Comments Off on ‘The Flash’ 1.15 ‘Out of Time’ Screencaps

After a one-month break, The Flash finally returned with a new episode, and wow, what an episode, right? 654 high-resolution caps have just been added to the gallery. As usual, I included some caps you might be interested in (e.g. the Suit, the streak), so make sure you check them out!

Here’s also the promo for next week’s episode, which features the return of Heat Wave and Captain Cold.